beansaladWelcome to Amateur Test Kitchen! I started blogging as an easier way to share the events of my life with my family. I love taking pictures and I love cooking. I love food in all ways. I love cooking food; I love eating food; I love smelling food; I love watching others cook food. I take all of the photographs that you see on this blog, unless otherwise noted.

I try to eat a plant-based diet and most of the food I cook and eat during the week do not contain any animal or dairy by-products. However I do occasionally like to try recipes that may contain meat,e ggs or dairy and I still bake a lot with dairy. I hope you enjoy my array of recipes.

My blog is called Amateur Test Kitchen. I chose that name for a few reasons. While I like the sentiment that “less is more,” it didn’t really describe what my blog was about. I enjoy trying new recipes and experimenting. I consider my kitchen a test kitchen because I am always trying new recipes or experimenting. It doesn’t always turn out well. Sometimes I make mistakes. I am more than happy to post about them though, so that others can learn from my mistakes.IMG_6394

The word amateur is a double entendre. According to Merriam Webster Dictionary, “amateur” is defined as:

  1. A person who does something (such as a sport or hobby) for pleasure and not as a job;
  2. A person who does something poorly or who is not skillful at a job or other activity;
  3. A devotee or admirer of something; from Latin amator lover, from amare to love.

I think of myself as an amateur cook in the sense of number 1 and number 3. I do not have any official training and I am by no means a real chef, so I suppose I could be described as someone who isn’t skillful at cooking. Regardless, I love to do it, and it most certainly is a hobby for me. Thus, I am an amateur.

The content and photos on this site are my original work unless otherwise noted and are protected by copyright. Please do not use anything without permission.


An amateur cook!

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Source: http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/amateur

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