Cranberry Orange Muffins

Happy Friday everyone! I hope you all have a fabulous weekend before the holiday season really begins. After this weekend will come Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and jam-packed malls for Christmas shopping! Today I’m sharing a recipe with you that would be a great on-the-go breakfast for those shopping spree days. It is a Cranberry Orange Muffin recipe. These muffins are great for those who don’t like very sweet muffins. My mom liked them because they aren’t too sweet. They’re a little tart due to the orange and cranberry but if you add the optional glaze you can’t sweeten it right up!
Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6248 1024x682
These call for both white sugar and brown sugar.
Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6249 1024x682
I used my Kitchenaid mixer to cream the butter and sugar.
Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6251 1024x682
This recipe called for multiple measuring cups. I love my stainless steel measuring cups. I used to have plastic ones, and actually still have them, but I always use the stainless steel ones up first before using the plastic ones.
Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6252 1024x682
This recipe calls for fresh orange juice.
Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6253 1024x682
Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6254 1024x682
The recipe calls for either fresh cranberries or frozen ones. I instinctively went for the frozen cranberries first since I figured I wouldn’t need a whole bag, but I couldn’t find frozen cranberries at any of my local grocery stores! So finally I decided to just use fresh. Why was I hesitant to use fresh? Mostly because I have never cooked with fresh cranberries and I was not confident they would actually cook through and not be hard. But fear not, they worked beautifully! They burst while cooking and are a great texture in the muffin.
Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6256 1024x682 Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6258 1024x682 Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6259 1024x682 Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6262 1024x682
You can see the tiny flecks of orange zest in the batter. Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6263 1024x682
Look how the muffins pop over in the tin. When you bake them you start off at a higher temperature for 5 minutes, then you drop it, and this helps them create the nice domes you see. Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6268 1024x682 Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6269 1024x682 Cranberry Orange MuffinsIMG 6270 1024x682 If you would like to make these muffins you can find the recipe at Sally’s Baking Addiction Blog.

Have a great weekend everyone!