Greek Chicken

I’m excited to share this dish with you today – it’s for Greek Chicken. It’s very tasty and spicy (not hot spicy but herb spicy), and really easy to make.


When I went to visit my friend Jenifer in New Jersey she served me this dish and I immediately asked her for the recipe. If you’re tired of plain old, boring chicken, you should try making this dish.


I’ll be eating this chicken this week with my sweet potatoes and a side salad.


This recipe makes a lot of chicken (3 pounds!) so plan on leftovers. However, my friend makes it with much less chicken so her chicken pieces are much more concentrated in the herbs which is an option.

My friend found the recipe on Pinterest but you can find the recipe for the Greek Seasoning mix here, and the recipe for the dish here. The only thing I did differently was to use half the amount of oil. I may also try it with olive oil next time. Enjoy!